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First shared and managed Nextcloud instance by #digitautonomy

You can see Cloudtonomy in action here:

What do we want to do?

Creating a shared Nextcloud instance to host our files (Like Dropbox or Drive), but also contacts, calendars and many other functions depending on the apps we enable: real-time collaboration in documents like in Google Docs, videoconferencing, polls, tasks management, feed reader, web bookmarks, etc.

Where would we host it?

We decided it’s better to start with an external service hosted and maintained by professionals, as a first experience. We went looking for a server with these characteristics:

  • Has enough space for our needs.
  • We can manage it and add unlimited traffic, users and apps. 
  • Someone else takes care of the server side maintenance, updates and other stuff that may get complicated at some points.
  • Can be accessed from different domains if needed.
  • Includes OnlyOffice or Collabora to enable real-time collaborative editing of documents. (By now OnlyOffice seems the better option).